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About The Game

How to Play

Generally speaking, the controls and gameplay for a paint game are very similar. On one side of the screen there will be a palette with all of the colors that a player can use, as well as all the different lines and thicknesses. In the game "Draw Something" this palette is along the top of the screen, for instance. Players click the options they want to use, and then in the space below they click and drag to draw lines, fill in spaces, etc.

"Winning" Paint Games

The goal of paint games isn't always as cut and draw as "beat this boss" or "solve this puzzle." Rather players will need to complete pictures or, in the case of cooperative paint games, draw something that another player can recognize. In these cases players need to stay inside the lines and make something that is recognizable. Sometimes it's just painting by the numbers with a computer, and other times it's digital Pictionary, where the person drawing is given a concept to convey via a drawing. Points are won based on how quickly, or how accurately, the person viewing the drawing guesses what it's supposed to be.

Tips and Tricks

Paint games require a lot of manual dexterity and a lot of practice to get the images just right. So the best way to master them is through practice. For players that are really serious it might be a good idea to use a stylus or a touch screen in order to get the best possible control over your artwork. There's not really a way to "cheat" on paint games, and there's no hidden turns or cut scenes. All players can do is just draw, and make sure they get enough practice.

About This Site

The site's purpose is pretty straightforward when it comes to paint games; make sure that everyone can play and enjoy them freely and equally. After all, with simple, fun games like this that anyone can play, there's no reason to pay a membership fee or to provide a lot of personal information. Players should just come to the site, click on their game of choice and start drawing!

Online PaintWhen it comes to paint games, or really any other sort of casual online games, this is the site for players that want to have fun. If players enjoy themselves though, they should spread the word and tell others about it. After all, there's no sense in keeping a game all to oneself. The more the merrier, and the better the gaming experience is.

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